Discover three amazing new hiking trails!

Are you a bear, a lynx, or a wolf?

What shape are you in? Are you up for a walk, a jog, or some Nordic walking perhaps? Do you feel like a wolf, a lynx, or a bear today? Take one of the newly restored hiking trails and show us! The trails are now open all year round for all of you who enjoy the great outdoors, from the youngest to the oldest, from beginners to seasoned professionals. Three circular trails have been restored within the protected area – they are named after the protected beasts that live in the local area – wolf, lynx, and bear. Choose the one that you like, follow the signs, and have fun!

With a length of 1.2 km, the Wolf Trail is the shortest and best suited for beginners, but it is also a practical option while waiting in line to tour the Upper Barać Cave. You can’t miss it – it’s marked by wolf pawprints in orange.

The Lynx Trail is 3.1 km long and is ideal for a pleasant family walk lasting up to 90 minutes. Follow the blue markings and lynx pawprints – and enjoy an active family outing. 

If you’re up for a real challenge, we dare you to choose the 7.5 km long Bear Trail, which can easily take a good 3 to 4 hours to complete. It’s definitely worth it – it has the most beautiful lookouts, forest springs, streams, and numerous caves. Just follow the red markings with bear pawprints and let the adventure begin!
(BAT ICON) For more information about hiking trails around Barać Caves click here. To download a map of hiking trails click here!

Ice Age Trail coming soon!

Even if you successfully master all three of our new hiking trails, you will have to come back for more because a spectacular new Ice Age Educational Trail is opening soon. It’s an interactive trail that will introduce the visitors to the species that inhabiting the area in the Pleistocene (Ice Age). Due to its historical, cultural and ecological significance, this project is fully funded by the European Union, and we can’t wait to share with you all of the archaeological and natural wonders!