Plitvički dvori

Traditional gastronomy for everybody’s taste

Plitvički dvori restaurant does not want to complicate things too much when it comes to cuisine. They adore food, choose their produce carefully, and make sure that guests enjoy their every bite. This family restaurant on the D1 state road boasts traditional local dishes for which this area is known. The simple menu opens with prosciutto, homemade sausages, and various types of cheese as an ideal appetizer to delicious lamb or veal under the lid, but you will never go wrong with their pizza either. While grilling fish or meat delicacies, the smell of barbecue spreads throughout the area and it is hard to resist. Plitvički dvori is a particularly popular family destination because of the menu that is adapted to all ages, but also the children’s playground where those youngest can have fun as much as they want.

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