A fairy-tale watermill settlement formed by two rivers

One of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Croatia is the picturesque village of Rastoke, where life has always been dictated by two rivers: the small Slunjčica and the mighty Korana. In Rastoke, Slunjčica splits up and flows into the river Korana over travertine rocks, while its own flow creates many lakes, rapids, and waterfalls, the most famous of which are Buk, Hrvoje, and Vilina kosa. Many call Rastoke the small Plitvice because the geological composition of the waterfalls is identical to that in the Plitvice Lakes National Park, from which this gem is only 30 kilometres away. In addition to the extraordinary beauty, Rastoke owes its rivers their daily bread. The inhabitants of this area have been building mills for centuries. The first mills, which were powered by water and not people or animals, are nowadays a first-class tourist attraction and proof of the harmony that man and nature can achieve to mutual satisfaction.

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