Sedra restaurant 

Family restaurant that captivates with its dishes, atmosphere, and surroundings

Sedra family restaurant is in the immediate vicinity of everything, yet isolated from everybody. Travellers and passers-by stop there all year round, at any time of the day, as Sedra offers them rich breakfasts, invigorating brunches, and sumptuous lunches and dinners they will remember.

The restaurant is located in Irinovac and is only a kilometre away from the D1 state road – enough to be accessible to all and isolated from the noise and traffic. The restaurant is known for a large selection of traditional dishes, homemade cheeses and cold cuts, superb barbecue, dishes under the lid, and fish delicacies of the Plitvice region. It also offers the must-try pasta, lasagne and as many as 20 types of pizzas from a brick oven, made to the original Italian recipe.

Pleasant ambience, large spacious terrace, and fairy-tale natural environment are additional reasons why Sedra attracts more and more guests each year from all over the world, and the effort invested in the overall experience was recognised by the Karlovac County, which handed it the award for the most beautiful environment in the hospitality category.

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