Nordic walking

Three beautiful hiking trails are ideal for fans of walks and Nordic walking

Plitvice Valleys offer all fans of long walks and Nordic walking three picturesque trails – the Rakovačka buna trail, the Rute vode trail, and the Lipova dolina trail.

Along the Rakovačka buna trail, you will walk to Zvjerinjak, which features a rest area and a lookout point, offering an impressive view of Rakovica and its surroundings. A part of this trail is on the road so we urge caution.

The educational trail Rute vode leads over the Korana river, between the Drežnik Old Town and Korana Camp, and teaches us about the importance of water in human life. There is also a lookout on the trail, with an unforgettable view of the Korana river.

The Lipova dolina trail is 1.3 km long and leads from Plitvice Art Farm to the Terra Ranch.

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