Deer Valley Ranch

One of the most special tourist destinations in Croatia

The magical place for which Plitvice Valleys are widely known is the Deer Valley Ranch, a unique outdoor zoo. The ranch spreads over 15 hectares and is home to more than 100 game animals that most people will never even see in real life, let alone get close to.

In the Deer Valley, the timid deer and hinds, as well as stubborn fallow deer, eat from visitors’ hands, allow them to pet them and take photos with them, and are especially careful with children with developmental difficulties, allowing them to come even closer. The Bićanić family, which is dedicated to caring for these graceful forest creatures, have no explanation for this. Animals, as the Bićanić family believe, simply feel instinctively, as do humans.

The tour of the Ranch lasts about an hour and a half, which passes in an instant, followed by a collection of impressions and refreshments with homemade delicacies, natural juices and spirits produced by the Bićanić family and neighbouring family farms.Due to the great interest, the visit must be booked by e-mail or phone a few days in advance. The Ranch is closed on Mondays.

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