Plitvice ART FARM

Croatian homemade products of the highest quality in one place

The charming farm Plitvice ART FARM is the perfect place for a break between visiting the many attractions of Plitvice Valleys. It offers you a chance to taste and buy the best Croatian traditional products such as cheese, tea, brandy, honey, pumpkin oil, liqueurs, and sausages, but also have a full meal. The ART FARM restaurant, which is open during the summer season, offers a range of meat and meatless dishes, vegetarian specialties, and gluten-free dishes, as well as a large selection of delicious pizzas that those youngest especially enjoy.

A special feature of the offer are the completely original souvenirs created by artists and designers gathered in the “House of Croatian Design”.

Plitvice ART FARM is located on the D1 state road and has a large private parking lot as well as many facilities that make it worth stopping there, at least for an hour. 

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