Barać Caves

A museum that nature has been creating for millions of years

The Plitvice region owes its beauty, fertile land and fairy-tale environment to the mysterious karst underground, a part of which the visitors can experience by visiting Barać Caves. Of the 150 caves hidden in the underground of this area, only Barać Caves, after which the entire protected area was named, are open to the public. Coming to this destination and not visiting this miraculous work that Mother Nature has been shaping for millions of years would be a huge mistake.

During an hour-long walk, an expert guide guides visitors along the illuminated path between the majestic speleothems and tells them everything about the millennial creation of this underground treasure and valuable archaeological finds.

Every part of this natural monument is completely fascinating, from the entrance and the Guano Hall, through the Elephant Feet Hall full of stalagmites, stalactites, and pillars (stalagnates) up to ten metres high, through the former habitat of the cave bear and Dragon’s Throat, all the way to the Hall of Lost Souls. At the end of the visit, the story will stop for a moment and turn into absolute silence and darkness so that visitors could take that unique experience of the underworld with them forever.

All visits are organised with a guide. The departure time is not predetermined, but is formed according to the arrival of visitors, and the waiting time for the departure is from 10 to 45 minutes. The temperature in the cave is around 9 degrees all year round so it is advisable to have suitable clothing and footwear with you

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