Ogi Adrenaline Park

Top destination for all those addicted to adrenaline and good fun

Plitvice Valleys is a destination that boasts the largest selection of adrenaline challenges in one place and the Ogi Adrenaline Park holds the top of that list. It offers numerous diverse opportunities to test one’s courage and explore one’s own limits, adapted to all ages.

Among other things, visitors can use the state-of-the-art roping range and a giant swing, , as well as “old-fashioned” challenges such as archery, tomahawk axe throwing, and air rifle shooting. Of course, activities for modern warriors, such as paintball and airsoft duels, are especially popular.

The Ogi Adrenaline Park expands its offer year after year, and the latest attraction is the first go-kart track in Plitvice Valleys, opened in the spring of 2021, which perfectly complements the existing activities.

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