Street food BBQ

Top-quality fast food in a super-pleasant environment

The main stop for young people and all those who feel young is located in the centre of the Municipality of Rakovica. As its name suggests, Street Food BBQ specialises in simple meat dishes and grilled dishes, and the most popular by far are juicy burgers headed by the trio: Maestro BBQ, Bacon burger, and Lika burger, which perfectly combines the flavours and aromas of the Lika region.

We also offer healthy Mexican burritos, classics of local street food (ćevapi and patties) and, of course, there is a special menu for vegetarians based on vegetables and the famous Plitvice cheeses.

In addition to food, Street Food BBQ delights its guests with a large selection of drinks, juices and cocktails, while the kindness and friendliness of the hosts are praised by both local and foreign guests. The growing popularity of this fantastic small outdoor gastronomic stop is contributed by the delicious and unpretentious design of the space. The architects blended it perfectly into the fairy-tale natural environment, under the treetops, to make guests truly feel at home.

The fact that the users of Trip Advisor declared it the best in Rakovica speaks volumes about the quality of Street Food BBQ and the overall experience.

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