Turkalj Family Farm

Delicious award-winning dairy

A small cheese dairy in Rakovica, run by the Turkalj family, has been a leader in the production of top-quality dairy for many years. They started small, with only seven cows, and today they have a herd of more than 30 top dairy cows and 20 female calves. They offer several types of cheese, such as cottage cheese ideal for breakfast and baking, smoked white cheese made from boiled milk with the addition of bits of hot pepper and chives, and, of course, the traditional local cheese called ‘Škripavac’. The stars of their dairy are the unique ‘Lička basa’, with amazing taste and texture, and the awarded semi-hard cheese ‘Rakovički Glavan’, which requires up to 90 days to mature and which received a bronze medal at the International Cheese Festival in Tyrol (Austria) in 2016.

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