Plitvice Lakes National Park

A unique natural phenomenon with as many as 16 lakes in a row and breathtaking waterfalls

The largest, oldest, and most visited Croatian national park has around two million visitors from all over the world every year. There are probably just as many reasons to visit. Due to its special geographical location and specific climate characteristics, this unique place is the scene of many natural phenomena and an incredible abundance of biodiversity. Of course, 16 crystal blue and green lakes with countless cascades and breathtaking waterfalls are always at the top of the list of reasons to come, but Plitvice Lakes National Park also delights with endless forest complexes, fascinating travertine barriers, rich flora and fauna with numerous rare and endemic species, healing mountain air, beautiful forest trails and picturesque wooden bridges. Moreover, during the year it constantly changes its luxurious attire, so every visit is like the first, no matter how many times you come back. No wonder that this piece of paradise was among the first in the world to be declared a UNESCO World Natural Heritage site in 1979.

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