Wild Spring Ranch

Wild West in Plitvice Valleys

Wild Spring Ranch is located in the middle of the forest, surrounded by greenery and crystal clear water. It offers horseback riding for all ages: riding in nature for beginners and off-road riding for intermediate and advanced riders. In both cases, riders are accompanied by guides.

Horseback riding is a holiday for body and soul, which is confirmed by all those who have ever been in a saddle of these noble animals, and yet another reason for choosing the Wild Spring Ranch for this experience is the spectacular nature where the riding tours take place.

The Wild Spring Ranch also has something extra in its offer: a ride in a carriage equipped with a table containing drinking slots, which looks like a famous Wild West wagonette. A maximum of six people can go on the carriage adventure, and the ride takes one hour. It is possible to choose a carriage ride to the Barać Caves, but this arrangement lasts three hours, includes drinks during the ride and tickets for the cave.

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