Terra Ranch

Equestrian centre with a variety of riding programmes for all ages

Terra is a family ranch that offers unique riding adventures in small groups along the natural trails of the Lika landscape. Whether walking, trotting, or galloping, visitors will relax during their ride over green meadows on well-trained horses and with high-quality riding equipment.

Based on the riding experience, the guides will find a suitable trail. This riding option is suitable for all ages, from the youngest to the oldest, for advanced riders, beginners, and those without any experience. The horses on the ranch are calm and completely safe for any rider.

Terra also organises special programmes: a multi-day riding school for participants who stay longer in the Plitvice Valleys, as well as a day trip to Barać Caves and the Japra spring lasting from five to seven hours.

A new attraction in the Terra Ranch offer is a romantic carriage ride through the fairy-tale landscape of the Plitvice Valleys.

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