Equestrian Centre Rastoke – Fairyland

A club dedicated to beginners

The Equestrian Centre Fairyland is dedicated to beginners in the world of riding. The first introduction to these intelligent graceful animals is an experience to remember, and Fairyland will make sure it is truly memorable. Visitors are taken on undemanding half-hour long riding tours through the fairy-tale landscape of Plitvice Valleys. These tours have been adapted to visitors of all ages so that both children and seniors can enjoy them. The wish of Fairyland owners is for as many people of all ages as possible to meet our four-legged friends, learn something about their growing up and the role they play in the community, but also about the importance of preserving the fragile natural balance on which both humans and animals depend.

Visitors to the centre are also provided with accommodation in comfortable apartments for two or four people, so the enjoyment in the peace and quiet and connection with nature do not end at sunset.

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