Čović Family Farm

Lavender field in the heart of Plitvice Valleys

Lavender, a beloved versatile ornamental plant, has always been used for medicinal and beauty purposes. Its beneficial characteristics have long been used in folk medicine in the form of tea, which can help with problems such as common cold and cramps. Today it is also used for alleviating the symptoms of numerous illnesses and its many benefits have been demonstrated by modern scientific tests.

Its precious characteristics have also been recognised by the Čović family, which owns a small family farm specialising in ecological farming of lavender. They also produce essential oils from lavender, whose calming scent makes them a superb tonic for nerves and a precious aid in curing migraine, headache, anxiety, depression, as well as relieving tension and stress.  The Čović family’s product range also includes soaps, fragrance sachets, massage oils, bath fragrances, salves, creams, balms… 

The Čović Family Farm is located in Lipovac, close to Rakovica – right in the heart of nature.

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