Forest Route

Quench your thirst for adventure and go where no man has gone before! 

The Forest Route is still mostly unexplored – basically, a dream come true for any adventurer with a pioneering spirit. Even the bike trails on this route are quite challenging and suitable only for group riding, but the terrain is therefore ideal for horseback riding and exciting quad rides. Don’t worry if you get a little tired, local specialties will reinvigorate you in no time, and honey inhalation will restore the balance between your body and your mind!


Jelov Klanac – take the trail leading from Rakovica to beautiful Jelov Klanac where man and nature every day create a new fascinating story of synergy and complete harmony of life. Enjoy the silence, clean air, long walks, hiking, horseback riding, picking berries, meditating, or photographing rare plants. Jelov Klanac is also special in that the 45th parallel north passes straight through it, which means that you are in a place of ideal climate, exactly halfway between the Equator and the North Pole! 


Equus Igni Ranch – pristine nature and friendly, noble horses await you at the Equus Igni Ranch in the picturesque Jelov Klanac. These 13 beauties are suitable for riding by everyone, regardless of age and riding experience, while their faithful friends, dogs Lupi and Boni, keep the company.   

Quad & Buggy Plitvice who is up for a wild ride through the forests of Plitvice Valleys? Choose between a 700 cc Buggy and a 400 cc ATV Quad that reach speeds of up to 90 km/h! A safari ride through the dense forests of Plitvice Valleys, karst terrain and above the canyon of the Korana River will be an unforgettable adventure, without compromising your safety because these vehicles are designed for all types of terrain and can withstand even the most demanding weather conditions.

Cycling cycling is for everyone, but the bike trails along the Forest Route are only for the experienced and daring. Take Route 34, which starts at the center of Rakovica and leads towards Jelov Klanac and the gravel road through the forest towards the village of Biljevina in the municipality of Saborsko. Since the route passes through a less accessible forest area, it is definitely recommended to ride in groups!

Honey inhalation and now for something completely different! Do not miss out on a visit to the Čubrić family farm, where this hard-working beekeeping family offers honey products and miraculous honey inhalation. Inhale the air directly from the hive – and heal. The inhalation helps to strengthen the immune system and aids the treatment of various conditions and diseases!


Traditional specialties – you definitely won’t suffer hunger along this route! Enjoy the local specialties at Grabovac Hotel, treat your taste buds to delicacies at Plitvice Holiday Resort which has an amazing glamping site, try a variety of menus at Plitvička vrela restaurant and don’t miss out on an authentic Lika lunch at Plitvički dvori restaurant!  

Street Food BBQ try mouth-watering Lika-style burgers in a cozy setting of Street Food BBQ located in the center of Rakovica. Come and taste the reinvented local specialties! 
Turkalj Cheese Dairy –Turkalj Family Farm has received numerous awards for their amazing cheeses at exhibitions at home and abroad. In addition to cottage cheese for breakfast and cakes, cheeses with hot peppers or chives, smoked cheeses and semi-hard to hard cheeses, be sure to try the multi-award-winning škripavac and cheese made from boiled cow’s milk!