Live Like Local 

Have the authentic experience of the Plitvice Valleys and have a great time!

The Plitvice Valleys invite you to not be merely a guest, a traveler, a tourist, or an observer. This June, besides enjoying the beauties of our delightful region, of which we are so proud, come and meet your hosts, find out how the natural particularities and historical circumstances shaped our culture, and find out, first-hand, the evolution of the authentic life of this region through its turbulent past to this day. At the peak of spring, we organize in the Plitvice valleys a whole series of events during which you can join our festivities, take part in our customs, be amazed by our myths and legends, and also be a part of our everyday life. Together we will celebrate the feast of St. Anthony, reward children for the successful completion of another school year, do some recreational sports activities enjoyed by generations of our residents, travel to the past in order to better understand our present, and lay the foundations for an even brighter future.

Legends of Plitvice Valleys 

June 10, Old Town of Drežnik

Moreover, we will travel all the way to the Middle Ages and discover in the magnificent Old Town of Drežnik how, from the fascinating history of our region, amazing legends came to life that even the descendants of our descendants will still be recounting breathlessly to their own descendants. Children will enjoy the performance of the Me Do play, participate in an art colony, and also try their hand at archery and throwing axes, daggers, and spears. We will get acquainted with the tradition of the brave Seressaner, members of the elite unit of the former army of the Military Frontier, and we will have a unique opportunity to wear their awe-inspiring traditional uniform. When it gets dark, the sounds of medieval weapons being shot will mark the beginning of the night fights of knights, and all the disputes will be forgotten when the performer enters the scene and, with song and dance, leads a party that will last until the wee hours of the night. In short, it will be legendary!

Sports Day

June 11, Drežnik Grad

If you overdo it with the celebration, don’t despair. In order to heal your sluggish spirit with a healthy body, we organized a sports day in Drežnik Grad wit soccer tournament. Form your team, join the local masters, or simply find your favorites and cheer at the top of your lungs—the choice is yours, but the Plitvice Valleys offer so many opportunities for sports, recreation, and adventure that it will certainly not be easy to choose…

Children’s Day

June 12, Drežnik Grad

With a scream and a squeak, let’s mark the end of another school year. For your children, among other things, we have prepared a PagoLand playground with eight inflatables where they will enjoy themselves so much that they will forget about your existence, which means that you can finally relax in bocce tournament, and the performance of the tamburica band Skitnice in the evening will certainly help you.

Feast of St. Anthony

June 13, Drežnik Grad

The highlight of the festivities will be the feast of St. Anthony in Drežnik Grad with a holy mass followed by all kinds of joy. For the children—because you know they will want to—we have prepared another day of delight in the PagoLand playground, and the culmination of the party will be taken care of by cheerful people from the Oaza group with music hits for all generations.

But that’s not all!

In the Plitvice Valleys, the adventure never ends, so complete your stay with these unforgettable activities…

  • Hang out with irresistibly cuddly animals at the Deer Valley Ranch!
  • Explore the caves of Barać and visit the Speleon, a unique speleological center for exploring the karst underground!
  • Take your tinned pals on fantastically landscaped bike trails through pristine nature with the best viewpoints you can imagine!
  • By all means, visit the Plitvice Lakes National Park, for which words can’t do justice, so we will not waste them!

At the peak of spring, give yourself and your loved ones a superb, authentic experience for a lasting memory. See you in the Plitvice Valleys!