Water Route

The Water Route takes you through the pristine nature of the Korana River canyon, providing you with many opportunities for both active vacation and lazing around.  Korana used to power a number of local mills, one of which you will come across en route. 

In the summer months, the canyon dries up and the water retreats into a fascinating underground world that is yet to be thoroughly explored. 

The tower of the Old Fort of Drežnik is standing guard above the canyon. If you want to take a break, there is a horse-riding center nearby and we warmly recommend the Deer Valley Ranch and Plitvice Adrenaline Park near Gajina pećina.


Old Fort of Drežnik – The first mention of the Old Fort of Drežnik in historical sources goes way back to the 12th century. The fort has seen its fair share of wars and upheavals, and many rulers come and go. 

The battery tower has been restored and the visitors can climb it to enjoy the view of the Korana River canyon and the surrounding mountains and learn something about the history of this border area that never lacked excitement.

In 2021, the tower is closed for renovation. The tower can be seen from the outside and walking and cycling routes leading to the tower are open.


Feed Bambi – in the Fort of Drežnik, 12 km from the Plitvice Lakes National Park, there is Deer Valley Ranch, one of the most beautiful and unique destinations in Croatia. There you can enjoy the company of red deer, fallow deer, black Slavonian pigs, and horses. You can take a tour of the ranch held by the Bićanić Family and feed and pamper the animals and get a taste of traditional Lika and Kordun cuisine. Since the animals and the weather are unpredictable, your arrival needs to be announced.

Zipline over the Korana River – Gajina pećina above the Korana River, not far from Plitvice Lakes, will make your adrenaline shoot through the roof. Fly over the Korana River and try to resist its siren call! Plitvice Adrenaline Park has a 300-meter zipline that can get you speeding as fast as 70 kph, as well as a large swing for those faint of heart, but still eager for excitement. If you crave the adrenalin rush, call + 385 91 1777 445 and book a spot. 

Horseback riding – discover less travelled paths of Plitvice Valleys on the back of this noble animal. On the Water Route, look for a faithful companion who will treat you to the extraordinary natural sights. See for yourself what it’s like to ride through beautiful scenery on lovely horses from Terra Ranch. If horseback riding is not your thing, Terra Ranch also offers sightseeing tours of the fairytale landscape in an old-fashioned horse carriage. 

Cycling trails – Plitvice Valleys are the right place for anybody who is an outdoor type. Cycling trails intertwine across Plitvice Valleys. En route you will ride in dense fragrant forests, over picturesque hills, through quaint villages and amazing lookouts. Whether you feel like taking it easy, or you are up for a challenge – bike trails are here for your choosing. If you prefer a guided cycling tour, contact Degenija Tours – they will take you on an unforgettable sightseeing tour of Plitvice Valleys. 


Restaurants – recharge your batteries in any of the five restaurants along the Water Route. Treat your taste buds to the food that is fit for a king. From delicious peka-style veal and venison stew to fresh grilled trout or perhaps a pizza if you want to play it safe. No one has ever left Plitvice Valleys hungry, thanks to the efforts of Restaurant Degenija, Camp Korana, Villa – Restaurant Sedra, 16 Lakes Hotel and Restaurant Gurman.
Family farm – in the immediate vicinity of Plitvice Lakes National Park there is Plitvice ART FARM where you can taste and buy the finest Croatian delicacies such as local cheeses, honey, pumpkin oil, liqueurs, and teas. Embark on a fairytale journey through the world of local artistic souvenirs, fragrant lavender products, and soaps made from carefully selected plants of the Plitvice region. While you are here, you can also rent a bicycle and get to know the opulent landscape of the Plitvice Valleys a little better.