Spend the perfect weekend in the beautiful village of Rastoke

Breathe in the cool and fresh air around the waterfalls and let their sound lull you into a state of calm and comfort.

Don’t be mystified by the magical feeling of peace and quiet evoked by this place. The Korana River and the Slunjčica River have been fighting against the laws of nature for thousands of years, which eventually resulted in numerous waterfalls, rapids, and small lakes. Welcome to Rastoke, a picturesque place that will take your breath away! The playful, blue-green Slunjčica River flows over travertine bedrock into the Korana River, creating a powerful roar of water, giving the setting a unique soundscape. 

They say that a person who has separated from nature has an impoverished soul. Quite the opposite can be said of Slunj – in this place, defiant and proud people have built something impressive and authentic without turning their back on nature. Since the 17th century, the people of Slunj have been using the water to power their mills and as natural washing machines. Most historic buildings we see today date back to the 19th century. The locals still live in them in harmony with nature. Some people like to call this place Miniature Plitvice, but we find Rastoke quite distinct and incomparable. Come and see for yourself!

When people and nature work in harmony, miracles happen

  • Rastoke was added to the list of Croatian cultural and historical heritage in 1962 for its 22 grain mills, 4 fulling mills and 28 houses with outbuildings which managed to survive the ravages of time. Due to the harmonious architectural, historical and ethnographic heritage, in 1969 Rastoke was added to the Register of Immovable Cultural Monuments.
  • The area of Rastoke belongs to the Protected Landscape of Slunjčica within the EU ecological network Natura 2000, a system of interconnected or spatially close ecologically significant areas essential for the preservation of natural balance and biodiversity, following the motto: People and nature together, not nature without people!
  • Water-powered mills paved the way for automation in everyday life as they represent the first step away from primitive machines powered by human or animal power.
  • Rastoke is just a hop, skip, and jump away from Plitvice Lakes – it is only a 25-minute drive!