Discover the charms of horseback riding in pristine nature

Come to Plitvice Valley and feel the primal synergy of man, horse and nature

Getting away from the urban hustle and bustle is relatively easy, but finding a place where you can become one with nature is not – Plitvice Valleys are one such place. What spells freedom and communion with nature better than primal, centaurian-like freedom of horseback riding? The rider and the horse become one, and in perfect synchrony cross the unexplored expanses and gallop into the dusk, towards new horizons.

Regardless of your age and riding experience, with the help of our instructors you will quickly learn to love recreational or sports riding. Thanks to the proverbially strong and patient horses you will tap into the millennia of human coexistence with nature and wilderness – and along the way discover the hidden gems of Plitvice Valleys from a different vantage point. 

In Grabovac Drežnički, in the midst of the Plitvice Lakes National Park, near the old Fort of Drežnik and Barać Caves, is Rakovica Equestrian Club, situated just on the edge of wilderness. It is a paradise for all outdoor types who have always wanted to go riding through lush greenery, fairytale-like forests and crystal-clear river. Besides riding, regardless of your age and level of (in)experience, you can also choose to hang out with other animals such as a pony, a donkey and a pig named Gnjuro – their master Dubravko is always ready to answer all your questions and show you all of the natural wonders of this special place.

If you thought the story ends with the horses, think again because Plitvice Valleys has more to offer! At the Equus Igni ranch in Jelov Klanac, you can feel the wind on your face if you take a few days and go trekking around Lika’s protected natural habitats and commune with nature. Discover landscapes that can only be reached on foot or on horseback with riding tours designed to fit all needs.

Not far from the famous Rastoke is Rastoke Equestrian Centre – Fairyland, a truly fairytale-like place where both children and adults can enjoy the walks in pristine landscape, take horseback riding lessons no matter the age, or gallop into the world of fairy tales.

Just three kilometers from the famous Barać Caves there is another equestrian adventure waiting for you at the Wild Spring Ranch nestled in the picturesque surroundings near a forest spring – there you can also ride a horse, but also revive the spirit of the Wild West. Ranch owners Petra and Ivan are the leading providers of horse carriage excursions and will organize an adventure worthy of a good old western movie. Of course, there will be no shooting or any other stressors of the sort! We can’t promise you will meet the love of your life – although you should know that falling in love in this part of the country is as easy as breathing – but what we can promise is to find your soulmate among horses at Ranch Terra! Like humans, each horse has its own personality. Some are lively, some quiet, some sociable, some cautious, but they are all fit and safe for every rider regardless of your level of experience. Meet and ride your horse through forest trails and perhaps they will introduce you to their forest friends. An alternative to horseback riding is a tour in an old-fashioned carriage of Ranch Terra and Wild Spring Ranch. Have we already told you about the incredible wealth of animal species in Plitvice Valleys? Better yet, why don’t you come and meet them firsthand!

Did you know?

  • According to an old saying, that there is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of man. It is not surprising then that horses are used in the rehabilitation of children with cerebral palsy, and horseback riding therapy helps with all physical afflictions and is also beneficial for children with ADHD, behavioral disorders, and speech disorders.
  • One minute on the back of a horse is like making 90 steps on your own. Riding will help you improve posture, improve your digestion, flexibility and proprioception (awareness of your own body), and soothe your mind.
  • When riding, your muscles work to stabilize the entire core: the abdomen, the back and the pelvis, which is why horseback riding is considered an ideal isometric exercise. Apart from your midsection, your things also get a lot of work – you lose as much as 360 calories in one hour of trotting. 
  • Horses are sociable creatures and are very attached to their rag. They have a well-established hierarchy which they observe in their interactions. They are naturally empathetic, but also timid animals that cannot be managed by force. When you’re around them, you don’t have to watch what you’re saying, but watch how you say it because horses are exceptionally good at reading human emotions in our voice.