Cave Route 

Cave Route is named after its main attraction, Barać Caves, and it stretches across the protected natural area featuring a unique karst and forest landscapes and significant paleontological and archaeological sites. 

If you opt for the Cave Route, in just one day you can go horseback riding, demonstrate your courage at an adrenaline park, cycle or hike on marked trails and treat your taste buds to local delicacies at a well-known restaurant. 

Tailor your own experience!  

Sights to see

Barać Caves – a must-see natural phenomenon that has taken millions of years to take its present shape. In a 60-minute tour, expert guides will introduce you to the stunning underground world and its secrets, take you through spectacular chambers full of stalagmites and stalactites, and finally immerse you into absolute darkness of the Chamber of Lost Souls. Visit Barać Caves website and book your spot!

Experiences to enjoy

Horseback riding – a tour through the fairytale wonders of nature on horseback is a special experience, and the Cave Route is the best way to do it. En route there are as many as three equestrian clubs that organize riding trips to suit all preferences, regardless of your age or experience: Rastoke Equestrian Center – Fairyland , Rakovica Equestrian Club and Wild Spring Ranch

Hiking tours – after the tour of Barać Caves, explore the fairytale nature that surrounds them on any of the three restored hiking trails. All trails are circular; their start and finish is at Barać Caves, and were named after protected great beasts that live in the area – wolves, lynxes and bears. Download the Hiking Trail Map and choose the one that suits you best. 

Adrenaline challenges – Plitvice Valleys are the ideal choice for all of those who want to test their courage or see if they can rise to the challenge of, for instance, Airsoft Duel. The destination offers more than 20 activities that will get your adrenaline pumping, with Adrenaline Park Ogi at the forefront. Visit their website, select the activities you like and book a spot.  

Cycling – the entire destination, including the Cave Route, is full of well-maintained bicycle paths. You are safe to cycle solo because the Tourist Board has carefully planned and marked the bicycle trails. If you didn’t bring your own bike, Plitvice Bike & Bed can have one delivered (plus the necessary gear) to wherever you need it at Plitvice.