All roads lead to Barać Caves

Do you dream of a trip of a lifetime? Join us for a cycling tour that combines a meadow ride, a visit to the ancient Fort of Drežnik and a tour of Barać Caves.

Are you looking for a destination that provides more than just lazing around? Do you want a vacation where you can get physically active and get to know the area where you are staying? Guess what? You can do it all if you take Barać Caves Bicycle Tour. This area is so much more than just lakes and waterfalls in the National Park – this is a real mecca for active tourism that blends rest and activity with the added taste of local and rural. Use your vacation to learn new stories and discover new driving forces within you.There are many cycling tours, but one stands out. Plitvice Bike & Bed licensed guides will take you through Plitvice Valleys like no one else will. The tour to Barać Caves starts with a tour of the magnificent Fort of Drežnik, where you will learn about the history and legends of the old fort and its famous tower. Cycling through the beautiful Plitvice landscapes, you will reach Barać Caves which have a designated, unique parking lot for bicycles – an ideal place for rest and refreshments of locally grown fruits and vegetables, and cheese. After refreshments, there is a half-hour tour of the caves. Surrounded by hundreds of stalactites and stalagmites at 9°C and listening to the legend of the Turkish goliath and the stories of cave bears are guaranteed to distract you from everyday life and thoughts. Just the way you want it, right?

Need to know

  • Barać Caves are closed for visitors from November to March due to bat hibernation.
  • At one point during the tour you will be immersed in absolute silence and darkness – a unique experience of the underworld that will stay with you forever.
  • There are many archeological finds of Ice Age animals in the cave, but we should mention the skeleton of a cave bear between 30,000 and 50,000 years old.
  • There are two theories about the origin of the name of Barać Caves: according to one, they were named after a local man called Barać who defeated a Turkish goliath in front of the caves; according to the other, Hungarian soldiers serving under Austro-Hungarian Monarchy called them friendly caves (barát – friend).
  • Bronze Age jewelry was also found in the cave.
  • In Barać Caves you can wander chambers and corridors with interesting names such as Guano Chamber, Elephant’s Foot Chamber (full of stalactites), Dragon’s Throat and Chamber of Lost Souls. These chambers hide the secrets of the past of our planet and the beauty of absolute darkness!