Pazi Medo Zipline

One of the longest ziplines in the world

The biggest attraction of the Bijeli Vrh Sports And Recreation Centre is the Pazi Medo zipline. The total length of the steel rope is 1,700 m, which makes it one of the longest single-piece ziplines in the world.

It is possible to reach a speed of more than 120 km/h, but you need a back wind from the north for this. However, even if there is headwind from the south, speeds of around 100 km/h are reached. The arrival platform is built of over 150 m³ of reinforced concrete and 100 m³ of timber. This is not just a zipline landing site, it is now also a beautiful lookout point overlooking three valleys in the area, where visitors can have a drink.

In addition to the zipline, the centre offers bicycle rentals, a disc golf course and a climbing rock, as well as sailing and kite flying take-off and landing sites.

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