Grabovača Cave Park

The only cave park in Europe with a 345-metre-long cave

Speleological objects are the most important feature of the Grabovača Cave Park, and research into these natural phenomena has lasted for almost 180 years. Also, a special feature of this area is the Velebit breccias, which are a unique phenomenon in the world in terms of lithological composition, geological position, and geographical location.

The Grabovača Cave Park belongs to the significant Risovac-Grabovača landscape, which includes 24 currently known speleological objects. Five speleological sites protected in the category of geomorphological natural monuments are Samograd, Medina pećina, Amidžina pećina, Budina ledenica, and Petrićeva pećina.

Great geodiversity has been recorded in the area of ​​significant landscape, and the river Lika flows along the edges of the park – the second largest subterranean river in Europe in terms of flow length (78 km).

Samograd Cave is the only tourist cave in the park area, but it can only be accessed in the company of a park guide! 

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