Explore amazing adventures in this stunning region

Three days in the Plitvice Valleys are by no means enough, so we suggest that you packaaa your weekend with enough exciting activities and unique exeperiences to keep you going until tahe next visit, which will undoubtedly be much longer.
FRIDAY: Plitvice Lakes – Plitvice Adrenaline Park – Plitvice ART FARM
“Do” the Plitvice Lakes right away and give yourself as much time as you neaed to soak up at leasst a part of the atmosphere of the true natural paradise that leaves every visitor breathless. However, keep breathing because the excitement is just beginning! Still flooded with serotonin after leaving the Plitvice Lakes National Park, find your hormonal balance in the Plitvice Adrenaline Park and experience the zipline over the Korana River. In the adrenaline rush at the speed of 70 km/h you will think that this crazy flight lasts forever, but only a few seconds will have passed and you will still have time for new experiences. Thoroughly in love with the nature of the Plitvice Valleys by now, you will have a chance to get to know the products of its hardworking people. Plitvice ART FARM will introduce you to the fairy tale world of original art souvenirs and offer you the opportunity to taste – and take with you – top-quality traditional specialties made by local producers. After your impressions settle over a late-night shot of homemade spirit or a cup of hot beverage in one of Rakovica’s hospitality oases, it is time to rest because Saturday brings new excitement!
SATURDAY: Horse riding – Barać Caves – Ogi Adrenaline ParkWell-rested and ready after a hearty breakfast, head over to one of as many as five riding clubs in the Plitvice Valleys and, in the company of noble horses, experience our region from yet another perspective. Regardless of whether you are a beginner or an expert, by the end of this visit you will ride as if you were born on a horse! After the enthusiastic neighing and galloping across the vast expanses, stop for a moment and enter the Earth’s interior. Embrace the silence and see the beauty of darkness in the marvellous Barać Caves, which show the history of our planet that has been written for millions of years. After exiting, wait for your mole eyes to adjust to the daylight and then embark on a new adrenaline adventure because there is an abundance of excitement for individuals, couples, families, and groups of all ages and affinities in the Ogi Adrenaline Park: roping, quad, paintball, archery, tomahawk, air rifle, airsoft, a giant swing, and royal zipline will stir all your senses. Rest well – Sunday will be laid back, but eventful. And certainly unforgettable!
SUNDAY: Čubrić Family Farm – Deer ValleyAre you still catching your breath after Saturday’s adrenaline rush? We have an amazing thing for you. Just breathe – from a beehive! You read that right, while visiting the Čubrić Family Farm, experience the unique pleasure of beehive inhalation, inhaling air directly from the beehives, which helps strengthen the immune system, but also in the treatment of various conditions and diseases! After recovering your bodies, use the end of your weekend adventure to recover your soul by visiting the wonderful Deer Valley, which will delight your youngest family members and take those slightly older ones back to their childhood. On the beautiful property of the Bićanić family, you will be able to pet the friendly deer that will eat out of your hand and literally turn your weekend into a fairy tale.
Are you ready to go back to reality? Don’t be sad, now you know that we will see each other again soon. We cannot wait!

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