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R 31 Rakovica – Oštarski Stanovi – Rakovičko Selište

Route length: 7,94 km Elevation gain; 73 m

+ elevation profile (from the elaborate)  

The route starts at the center of Rakovica on a sidewalk of the state road D1 and deviates off to the village Oštarski Stanovi. After passing through Oštarski Stanovi, by the Tourist center Marko, cyclists cross the state road D1 and on the country road, asphalt and macadam roads through Rakovičko Selište return to Rakovica.

R 32 Rakovica – Grabovac Drežnički – Stara Kršlja

Route length; 12 km Elevation gain; 62 m

+ elevation profile

From the centre of Rakovica cyclists pass on an asphalt road towards Grabovac Drežnički and deviate off to the village Stara Kršlja. Further route continues on a macadam and country road towards Stara Kršlja from where on an asphalt road it leads back to Rakovica. This route is somewhat more demanding and requires good condition and mountain bikes. We also recommend driving in groups.

R 33 Rakovica – Jelov Klanac – Selište Drežničko – Čatrnja – Drežnik Grad – Lipovača – 
Grabovac  – Brajdić Selo 

Route length; 39,6 km Elevation gain; 231 m

+ elevation profile

The route starts by ascending from the center of Rakovica towards St. Jelena church and by turning left cyclists drive towards Jelov Klanac. By a mountain road the route leads from Jelov Klanac to Selište Drežničko from which it tackles a sidewalk along the state road D1 to the village Čatrnja. After passing through the village, cyclists drive on a macadam educational path towards the old town of Drežnik. From the old town through the center of Drežnik Grad you turn right towards Lipovača and Caves of Barać (Baraćeve špilje). Then you return from the caves towards Lipovača and Grabovac Drežnički, from where you follow on a macadam road towards Grabovac. Here you should be especially careful because you arrive to the state road D1. On a sidewalk from here you can arrive to the eco-ethno market or cross the road and tackle a macadam road through Brajdić Selo. The route leads down back to the center of Rakovica. 

This route is very demanding (especially its section through Jelov Klanac), and it is recommended exclusively for groups of well-equipped cyclists. 

R 34 Rakovica – Jelov Klanac – Biljevina (Saborsko) 

Route length; 15,6 km Elevation gain; 410 m

+ elevation profile

From the center of Rakovica the route starts towards Jelov Klanac (asphalt road near the school). On a macadam road the cyclists arrive through the woods to the settlement Biljevina in Saborsko municipality. The route ends here, and you can follow on the state road towards Ogulin or turn left towards Rakovica that is Selište Drežničko. 

Considering that the route leads through the woods, we recommend driving in groups.

R 35 Selište Drežničko – Čatrnja – Drežnik Grad – Lipovača – Grabovac – Irinovac

Route length; 27,9 km Elevation gain; 102 m

+ elevation profile

From Selište Drežničko the cyclists continue on a sidewalk along the state road D1 to Čatrnja. There you turn left and drive to Irinovac and further on a sidewalk towards Drežnik Grad. You turn left towards Caves of Barać (Baraćeve špilje). Further the route leads back towards Lipovača and turns right towards the village Grabovac Drežnički. Driving through Grabovac Drežnički on a macadam road you come to the state road D1 (WARNING!) and on a sidewalk through Grabovac to eco-ethno market from where on a country road you continue towards Irinovac. From there on a sidewalk the route keeps to the turning for Čatrnja, and back to Selište Drežničko. 

R 36 Selište Drežničko – Korana

Route length; 2,4 km Elevation gain; 45 m

+ elevation profile

From Selište Drežničko you tackle a sidewalk, asphalt road and for one smaller part a macadam road towards the village Korana. In this stretch the route is rejoined to the route of the municipality of Plitvice Lakes (Plitvička Jezera) PJ 59. 

R 37 Drežnik Grad – Sadilovac – Lipovača – Nova Kršlja – Grabovac – Irinovac

Route length; 26,9 km Elevation gain; 122,7 m

+ elevation profile

From the center of Drežnik Grad the route keeps towards Sadilovac, Lipovača and Nova Kršlja – Caves of Barać (Baraćeve špilje). The cyclists return to Lipovača, and then drive through Grabovac Drežnički to Grabovac. After passing by the market, from Grabovac you tackle a country road towards Irinovac. From Irinovac you return to Drežnik Grad on a sidewalk.


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